Python Ocean Model 2.2 (pyOM2)


pyOM2 is a numerical circulation ocean model powered by Python. Features are:

* Cartesian or pseudo-spherical coordinate systems

* Hydrostatic or non-hydrostatic configurations

* energetically consistent parameterisations

* Fortran and Python front end

* Graphical User Interface

* fully parallelized using MPI

Idealized and realistic configurations are simple and easy to configure and to integrate. Fortran and a Python version are based on the identical Fortran90 core code. Several idealized and realistic examples are preconfigured and can be easily chosen and modified using two alternative configuration methods based on Fortran90 or Python.



For installation details refer to the Documentation

Idealized configurations

* Vertical shear instability configuration

* Holmboe instability configuration

* Internal gravity wave beam configuration

* Rayleigh-Bernard convection configuration

* eddy-driven zonal jet configuration

* the classical Eady problem configuration

* another Eady setup with linear stability analysis configuration

* small closed basin with wind-driven channel configuration

* large closed basin and hydrostatic channel configuration

Realistic configurations

* 4x4 deg global ocean model

* 4x4 deg global ocean with 45 levels model

* 2x2 deg global ocean with 45 levels model

* 1x1 deg global ocean model

* 4/3 x 4/3 deg North Atlantic regional model

* 1/3 x 1/3 deg North Atlantic regional model

* 1/12 x 1/12 deg North Atlantic regional model

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