LES python seminar series (Thursday, 10:30 - 12:00, Geomatikum, 1729)

contact: Alex Loew, Julia Pongratz

Python related announcements and questions: python-friends@lists.zmaw.de

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What you should be able to do in advance

Seminar outline

Part 1

Working with arrays (Gernot, Michael) (19.07.2012)

Plotting (1D,2D,3D) (Alex) (2.8.2012)

Course material for plotting

* subplots, figure, axis objects; easy and more sophisticated appraoches

Geospatial data format handling and vizualization (Mikhail) (16.08.2012)

Lesson code examples

system operations (Michael) (30.8.2012)

Commented examples from the seminar

Structuring a program (Mikhail) (13.9.2012)

Commented program from the seminar

Part 2

pyCMBS (Alex) (31.10. as part of the Wednsday seminar)

time series analysis: the Pandas module (Mikhail) (25.10.)

Lesson code

parallel programming (Heinrich Widmann) (08.11.)

Lesson code ... and slides

python CDO interface (Ralf Mueller) (22.11.)

Integration of other programming languages (Nikolay Koldunov, Mikhail Itkin, 06.12)

Tips and Tricks

other topics

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